Sandbox Quick Guide

This short user guide shows you how to access the Temenos developer portal sandbox - a live core banking system that allows you to experience, test and modify our banking APIs. We'll show you how to get your own unique API key, and make your first API request using an API test tool (also known as a REST client).

Tip: The other Quick Guides listed at the end of this article show you how to carry out more advanced operations, including updating and modifying APIs.

Before You Start

Before You Start

Getting an API Key

Your unique API key gives you complete access to the sandbox for 30 days, and you can regenerate your key at any time in the My API Key page of this portal. Before you can request your key, you need to log into the portal. Existing customers, partners, evaluators, and Temenos colleagues can use their Temenos credentials to log in. If you're new to Temenos, register for free with the Temenos community on Basecamp - our support and FAQs site - to gain access. 

Note: Need help registering, getting your API key, or using your API key for the first time? Contact us on

Getting an API Key

Making API Requests

Now that you have your API key, how do you use it? Your API key authenticates your interactions with the sandbox. To get started, you'll need an API testing tool, such as Postman or Insomnia, and some APIs to work with - you'll see links to Postman collections in the portal, and at the end of this guide. We recommend starting with our Essential Transact APIs, which features a range of core banking APIs.

Tip: Postman is our default client, but our API collections will work with any API testing tool.

Your First API Request

Test your API key by making your first Temenos API request to the sandbox, in this case, a GET request to retrieve details of the bank’s customers from the core banking database.

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API request procedure

Next Steps

Use our other Quick Guides to carry out more advanced operations on Temenos APIs, including updating and modifying APIs.

Postman Collections