Microservices APIs

Transact Microservices enable banks to deliver banking applications as a suite of fast-running services.

We transform banking capabilities by breaking down software into independently scalable microservices that can be deployed rapidly, enabling you to make high-impact changes frequently, predictably and seamlessly.

Temenos microservices - built on cloud-native, cloud-agnostic technology - are functionally rich, enabling fast deployment without the need to build additional capabilities on top.

The independence of components eliminates the issues of productivity and speed by separating applications into manageable services that are faster to develop. Different teams can independently and simultaneously develop components, enabling faster project delivery and better quality. Our microservices span the full banking value chain, including manufacturing and distribution. Additionally, we have enterprise microservices supporting both the Temenos stack, and activities performed within the bank’s applications.

Note: The following Transact Microservices APIs are documented but not consumable.
Application Metering

API to store the consumed business values and api usage metrics in Transact and Infinity systems. The api collection includes metering configuration apis for managing metering configurations.

Callback Registry

API allows applications to register client application's call back url in the call back registry microservice. In the event of long running transactions, the client applications are notified with the result of the transactions on the registered url once the transaction processing has completed. In addition, the record keeping system (transact) uses the api to publish transaction results as events to the callback registry.

Configuration Management

API to manage application configurations in the configuration microservice. The generic configuration microservice provides a centralized configuration service for applications to manage their respective configurations under specific configuration groups.


API for the management of user entitlements. The API can be used to assign the required user roles for each specific product in the record keeping system based on the entitlements policies.

Event Store

API to retrieve all business and systems events raised from transact and infinity products.

Service Orchestrator

API to create and manage the service orchestration sequences in the service orchestrator microservice. The service orchestrator microservice can be used to orchestrate the execution of business operations which span across different applications in a defined sequence. The api collection includes the apis to query the status of the sequences managed by the service orchestrator microservice.


API to provide non-repudiation capability for all api services processed. API provides details on request and response messages of services executed.