Deposit Account

Tip: To use the Temenos developer sandbox, you'll need an API key. To learn more, see the Sandbox Guide.

This Quick Start Guide (QSG) shows you how to create a deposit account. A deposit account is a bank account that allows customers to deposit and withdraw money. Deposit accounts can include current, savings and several other kinds of bank account.

Before you Start

You'll need to:

  • Request an API Key or renew an existing one. 
  • Have an API testing tool installed, for example Postman.
  • Use a valid customer ID.

To help you complete the procedure, use our Postman Collection or copy the drop-down code samples.

Procedure: How to Create an Account

1. Open Postman.

2. Under Collections select temenos essential apis > transact > Accounts > POST Create Account

1. Create Account


3. Click the Body tab to view the payload. You can change any details, such as the product ID or currency.

2. View Body

Code Sample: Create a Deposit Account Payload
  "header": {
"override": {
        "overrideDetails": [
                "description": "Have you received Account Opening Agreement/AAA*212 from 800444}RECEIVED_NOT RECEIVED",
                "id": "DM.CONFIRM.DOC",
                "type": "Warning",
                "responseCode": "RECEIVED"
                "code": "O-13039",
                "description": "NOLOG activity cannot be considered for dormancy processing. But If it requires, attach exception API",
                "id": "AA-DORMANCY.NOLOG.ACT",
                "type": "Override"
        "partyIds": [
            "partyId": "800467"
      "productId": "NEGOTIABLE.ACCOUNT",  
      "currency": "USD",
      "balance": {
      "accountName": "CurrentAccount{{$randomInt}}"}

Note: Make sure you populate the following mandatory fields otherwise the API won't run correctly.  

"partyId": "800279"
"currency": "USD"

4. Click Send.

200 OK Success message is displayed.

image 34

Code Sample: Create a Deposit Account Response
    "header": {
        "transactionStatus": "Live",
        "audit": {
            "T24_time": 7995,
            "responseParse_time": 1,
            "requestParse_time": 1
        "aaaId": "AAACT2110542LGHNM8",
        "status": "success"
    "body": {
        "arrangementActivity": {
            "activityId": "ACCOUNTS-NEW-ARRANGEMENT",
            "partyIds": [
                    "partyId": "800467"
            "arrangmentId": "AA211056V1DV",
            "productId": "NEGOTIABLE.ACCOUNT",
            "currency": "USD",
            "tradeDate": "20210415",
            "arrangementEffectiveDate": "20210415",
            "partyRoles": [
                    "partyRole": "OWNER"

The account has now been created for the customer.