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Temenos makes API-first, cloud-native and cloud-agnostic banking solutions for the world's financial institutions. Our Developer Portal helps members of our developer community explore our solutions through APIs, events, Unified UX web components, and Temenos Explorer, our single-pane dashboard.

Tips: You'll need to register with the Temenos Community to use our developer sandbox. See our Sandbox Guide


Temenos aims to build APIs that are intuitive as they are comprehensive and powerful. The portal provides a representative sample of our APIs for a range of solutions, from Transact core banking through to Financial Crime Mitigation. We also provide a range of Retail Banking Lending APIs from our Temenos Cloud Banking solution.

View the API documentation in three-pane view, or access our developer sandbox using your unique API key.

Temenos Banking Cloud APIs

Discover how Temenos APIs help Temenos Banking Cloud deliver the world's favorite banking service. Powered by an explainable AI engine, Temenos Banking Cloud is instantly available to all banks through a self-service portal.


Events make it even easier for banks to integrate with our banking software. Wherever human beings interact through user interface apps, you’ll find APIs. But when you’re integrating system to system, events are much more useful.

Events are asynchronous messages that advise when something important has happened in a system. Applications subscribe and react to these events, as needed. Temenos has defined events for every major change of state in our banking products and solutions - which means great scalability and faster, more flexible integrations for banks.

Unified UX Web Components

Built with the Temenos Design System, developers can use Unified UX with any modern UI framework by leveraging industry standard web components. Learn to build modern digital experiences with our library of reusable, platform-neutral web components using your favorite low code tool.

Temenos Explorer

Temenos Explorer is a framework that allows developers to create user agents for Temenos banking solutions, and allow users to access them all through a single user interface - a single "pane of glass".


Temenos builds, deploys, and commits software daily, which it accumulates and publishes as part of its regular release cycle. Updates are committed to the monthly build, which combines to form the Annual Maintenance Release (AMR) published in April of each year.

Format: RYY.MM Examples: R22.04 R22.06 R22.07

The current developer sandbox version is: R22.10

Temenos Community

The Temenos Community is part of Base Camp, Temenos's customer support site. The community supports both new and experienced users of Temenos products. Your free membership means you can:

  • Put your technical and product questions straight to Temenos Product Experts.
  • Respond to articles, take part in discussions, and attend Temenos Events.
  • Share product ideas for new feature functionality for Temenos solutions.
  • Access training articles and guides.


Want to dig deeper? Explore our User Guides to find out more about Temenos APIs.

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We welcome your questions and feedback. Contact the Developer Experience team on devexperience@temenos.com