R21.10 Portal Release Notes

About this Release
Release R21.10 Temenos APIs
Replaces R21.07 Temenos APIs
Effective 10th March 2022
In Scope Essential, Transact, Data Hub, Wealth, Micorservice, Financial, Crime Mitigation
Out of Scope Temenos Banking Cloud, US ModelBank, Unified UX

We’ve upgraded the Temenos APIs on the portal to R21.10 (RYY.MM).

Our new APIs cover the message service, software rollbacks and master data access in Transact. We’ve resolved an issue with the Create portfolio endpoint in the Portfolios API, and made minor updates to eleven other APIs, affecting Transact, Payments and TAP (Wealth Front Office). No patches were implemented.

Semantic Versioning

Temenos applies semantic versioning to its APIs (MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH). A MAJOR change means incompatible API changes. A MINOR version means we’ve added functionality in a backwards compatible way. A PATCH version means a backwards compatible bug fix. For more information, see semver.org

Release Details

New APIs

We’ve added a new message service API that allows you to create and retrieve information about the message service – commonly known as the OFS.SOURCE record – in Transact.

The new software rollbacks API allows you to revert the system after a software update. It includes POST, PUT and GET endpoints for creating, amending and fetching rollback information.

The master data access API is also new to Transact. Designed to manage the configuration of master data access, it gives you the power to create, amend and fetch the information Transact needs from external systems.

MAJOR Version Changes
holdings-portfolios-v2.0.0 > v3.0.0

We’ve updated the URL for the Create portfolio endpoint. This resolves a critical issue that occurred when users tried to create a portfolio with this endpoint.

MINOR Version Changes
Accounts Service
holdings-accounts-service-v4.3.0 > v4.4.0

Use the new endpoints to retrieve information about Account Switch details (/holdings/accounts/{accountId}/accountSwitches/payments)

Arrangement Activities
holdings-arrangements-v3.0.0 > v3.1.0

To make it easier to create and manage arrangements, we’ve added Settlements, Customers and Payment Holidays endpoints to this API.

Bank Identifier Codes
reference-BICs-v3.0.0 > v3.1.0

To improve search on bank identifier codes (BICs), we’ve enabled case insensitive search on /reference/bankCodes/bics

Bulk Payments
order-bulkpayments-service-v2.1.0 > v2.2.0

We’ve added functionality which exposes uploadDate through the body payload feature in /order/bulkPayments/uploads/files

Customer Onboarding
party-onboarding-customer-v1.0.0 > v1.1.0

We’ve updated the payload and response for both /party/onboarding/customers and /party/onboarding/customers/{customerId} to accept the income and employment details of onboarding customers.

Customer Services
party-customerServices-v4.0.0 > v4.2.0

To help you search for customers, we’ve added additional query parameters, such as the Legal Document Id and Name on /party/customers.

Enterprise Product Pricing
enterprise-pricing-v1.0.0 > v1.1.0

We’ve added a new Related Parties endpoint (enterprise/pricing/arrangements/{baseContractReference}/relatedParties). Use this endpoint to retrieve the list of all related parties for an Enterprise arrangement.

Fiduciary Orders
order-fiduciaryOrders-v1.0.0 > v1.1.0

The underlying Transact version for creating Fiduciary Orders has been modified to include additional data points that impact the request and response payload. This supports a requirement from TAP [(Wealth Front Office)].

Payment Orders
order-paymentOrders-service.v2.3.0 > v2.4.0

We’ve added functionality which exposes baseCurrency through the body payload feature in the following:

  • /order/paymentOrders/{paymentOrderId}/cancellations
  • /order/paymentOrders/instantPayments
  • /order/paymentOrders/{paymentOrderId}
  • /order/paymentOrders
  • /order/paymentOrders/orderSimulation
Product Marketing Catalog
product-products-v2.0.0 > v2.2.0

New fields have been added to the existing endpoint (product/productTypes/products/{productId}) to pass the product line and product group.

PATCH Version Changes

No PATCH versions were implemented in this release.