Unified User Experience (UUX)

What's a Unified User Experience?

More commonly known as UUX or Unified UX, it's a tool that enables teams to rapidly build modern web apps.

Build with UUX

Built with the Temenos Design System, use UUX with any modern User Interface (UI) framework and industry-standard web components. Build modern digital experiences with our library of reusable, platform-neutral web components using your favorite low-code, open web standard tool.

When developing with UUX, you can:

  • Use any JavaScript framework. We have a purpose-built web component library for any JavaScript framework including React, Angular and Vue.
  • Manage projects with a powerful Command-line Interface (CLI) and easily generate projects, components, and build a project to a production environment.
  • Develop for any platform. Learn one way to build applications with the UUX library and reuse your abilities to build apps for the web using Visualizer, Maestro or UXP.

What is a design system?

It unifies product teams around a common visual language. The UUX design system is based on Google's Material Design and acts as an extension of the existing Temenos style guide. The design guidance in the UUX design system simplifies the process of designing Temenos user journeys and products, while API access to the UUX design system ensures future design updates are added into developed code automatically.

More information

Go to Unified UX to find out more.

See Developing Modern Browser-Based User Experience (UX).