Ecosystem APIs

Our Ecosystem APIs are designed as composable components, enabling the deployment of additional banking solutions from third parties, including Exchange providers, as first-class deliverables.

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Temenos - BCES
Business & Corporate Enterprise Service

Business & Corporate Enterprise Service is a pre-packed solution delivering front-to-back services for Accounts, Deposits, Lending, Trade Finance and Payments with pre-wired APIs that are easily deployed.

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Temenos - RES
Retail Enterprise Service

Retail Enterprise Service is a pre-packaged retail banking solution delivered on an agile and composable platform with a set of rich pre-configured products and pre-wired APIs that is easily deployed. Provides a business first approach that offers fast time to market, enables growth and quickly delivers value to financial institutions.

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Transact API
Consumable Core Banking APIs

Unleash your developer potential with the Temenos Transact Sandbox and your API Key. Experiment safely in a realistic environment, delve deep into features, and prototype integrations at lightning speed. Master the API, explore freely, and bring your innovative ideas to life – at no cost. Dive in and empower your development journey!

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Temenos Events

Events are asynchronous messages that advise when something important has happened in a system. Temenos defines events for every major change of state in our solutions - which means great scalability and faster, more flexible integrations for banks.

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Unified UX

Use Unified UX with any modern UI framework by leveraging industry standard web components. Build modern digital experiences with reusable, platform-neutral web components, using your favourite low code tool.

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Temenos explorer
Temenos Explorer

Temenos Explorer allows developers to create user agents for Temenos banking solutions, and let’s users access them all through a single user interface - a single "pane of glass".

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