Discover the rich set of UI widgets available from the UUX library by browsing the Components. Each component has its own documentation page with:

  • a usage tab with a Live Demo with a selection of examples to examine.
  • a code tab with descriptions of each of the component's properties and events
  • a style tab that describes the css variables

The library contains both standard UI components such as buttons and text fields plus a plethora of controls with a special Temenos slant, such as the Date Frequency Picker.

Try creating your own simple form with pre-built UUX Components from the library in an HTML page by following our step-by-step tutorial. The tutorial covers how to:

  • add the UUX library to your page
  • add a card container
  • add form fields
  • add a grid for layout control

Give it a go!

Now that you've explored our library and mastered simple form creation, you may wish to go to the next level and create your own web components.