Here we are showing pages of HTML using UUX web components. We have examples of simple pages and some with more complex pages.

The menu on the left will take you to the detailed information page for the respective example.

  • Simple Form : This is a simple example of a plain HTML page using a few UUX web components and a brief introduction to the grid component.

  • Bigger Form : This example builds on the simple form by having more diverse web components, it also demonstrates the use of the grid for responsive.

  • A dashboard example with movable cards, expandable cards, charts and tables

  • Grid demo : Here is the detailed documentation of the UUX grid.

  • Automated Test Pages : For regression testing, we have a complete suite of tests where we have almost every possible combination of options deployed. We make sure any new changes or features we add do not break the existing functionality. Here are the pages for those who may be interested.

  • NPM Hello World : A short tutorial on how to use NPM in your project to get UUX web components

  • UUX with UXP : We also have a business development toolkit called UXP (formerly know as EdgeConnect). This short article shows how UXP uses UUX as one of its presentation options. UXP Client Application demo - compare original UXP presentation with new UUX presentation

  • Component Explorer Demo: Component Explorer is a sandbox environment where developers can explore our range of API-driven banking components.