Open Banking & Payments APIs

Our payment products provide a range of optimized solutions covering the payments processing lifecycle, including:

  • Payments Hub
  • Payments Repair
  • Payments Order Management

These products are designed to work separately or together, via SaaS, cloud, or on-premise, providing flexibility to tailor a payment solution specific to your individual requirements. They deliver accelerated business growth, optimize processing efficiencies, and enhanced service innovations.

Open Banking & Payments APIs are fully consumable. Request an API Key to explore our APIs using the developer sandbox.

Berlin Group PSD2 APIs

This API definition is based on the Implementation Guidelines of the Berlin Group PSD2 API and contains the REST-API for requests from the PISP/AISP to the ASPSP

Bulk payments initiation

Allows the creation, viewing and management of bulk payment

Management of direct debit instructions

APIs to retrieve and manage direct debits and mandates collection details of customers or accounts. Direct debits are typically used for recurring payments, such as credit card and utility bills, where the payment amounts vary from one payment to another.

Management of Payment stop requests

API to create, update and manage Payment Stop instructions for an account based on the Cheque details or Transaction Amount

Management of Standing Order instructions

API to create, update and manage the Standing Instructions of an Account to pay a set amount at regular intervals to another's account.

Management of Transaction stops

API to create, update and manage transaction stop instructions based on the on the nature of the transaction and any associated fund authorisation requests

Payment Orders

API for the creation, viewing and management of payment orders

Payments Execution

Temenos Payments Hub (TPH) is a Temenos Payments Application that executes payment orders that are received from front office or back office applications. TPH processes the orders until they are being account posted or cleared with an external clearing. The APIs listed in this page can be used by online banking channels or bank host system to enquire on the payments that were processed or under processing. APIs also offer a limited set of maintenance of the payments, such as for example Recalling the payment.

Payments Order Configuration

Payment Order Application (POA) is a Temenos Payments Application that helps bank manage their Payment Orders before they are being sent for payment execution by the bank's payment system. It provides Order Management functionality for Payers to initiate, view and manage their orders from an online channel offered by payer's bank or authorized third party. This page lists the APIs offered by Temenos Payment Order Application to perform Order Management for Payers.

Request to Pay Payment services

APIs to create and manage Request to Pay payments in order to create, view, update, block and decline the payment requests from both Biller and Payer systems