Simulating Cash Deposits

by in Guides September 9, 2019

In order to deposit funds to a new account, you can complete a Cash deposit operation through the Teller application. Please keep in mind that you will need to have an open Till in order to be able to deposit funds.

  • Login to T24 BrowserWeb
  • Go to User Menu > Retail Operation > Account Transactions > Teller > Teller Operations > Teller Cash > Cash Deposit Local (**Note: if you want to credit an account which has a different currency than local one, choose Cash Deposit Foreign)
  • Insert the Deposit Amount and the Credit Account
  • Under Cash denomination table, make sure you choose correct number of units related to the amount inserted
  • Press Commit button > Transaction is completed.
  • You can now check the customer’s account balance:
    • Go to User Menu > Account > Account Entries > Entries for Today
    • Insert the Account Number and click Find button

Of course, as a Build Developer,  you can also check the customer balance via the PSD2 Accounts Provider {GET Account Balance} API. Below we make use of the Insomnia client and Build API Key to send a test balance query to the Account # 10995