Import Retail package in UXP

by in Guides September 9, 2019
  • Please download from your MyApps section the Temenos UXP Retail Developer Package
  • Unzip the package, unzip the file and then copy the TCIB folder somewhere on your machine. (Example: Your Folder > RTE > Projects)
  • Go and update dsf file (which is found in \TCIB\Solutions\Retail\ location) in order to replace “http://localhost:9089” with your own correspondent url.
    • (There are 5 places to be replaced.)
  • Open the exe file (from IDE folder)
    • Go to File > Open
    • Select the location of ipf file (it should be something like \TCIB\Solutions\Retail\)
    • A warning will appear > Accept language setup
    • Open Process Builder:
      • On top bar, click on “No Perspective” and select “Process Builder” (this will open UXP editors)
    • Set file location and server connection
      • On top bar, go to Tools > Options
      • Select the appropriate file locations:
  • Select the appropriate server details:
    • Server Address: your own url
    • Server Port: your port
  • Close and open again the exe file (from IDE folder).

The TCMB installation should be done in the same manner explained above.

When you have finished installing the UXP tool and Retail package, you can continue with the following steps to login to the Retail Internet Banking application

  • Open the exe file from UXP folder
  • Go to Presentation Editor
  • Click right on Responsive > Run
  • A web page is opening where the Retail internet banking credentials must be inserted.
  • Type required credentials (either the ones communicated separately into the Welcome email or the External User that you have created by yourself)
  • Press Sign In button
  • If you are logging in for the first time with the user then you will also need to agree to Terms and Conditions and then to press Continue
  • The accounts list of the customer logged in should be displayed on the screen.