Creating External Users

by in Guides September 9, 2019

Each External User is related to:

  • a customer (i.e., the person who enters the system through an External User)
  • an internet service arrangement

The external user creation process involves the following steps:

  1. Create a Customer in T24
  2. Create accounts for this new Customer
  3. Create and authorise an Internet Service Arrangement
  4. Create and authorise the External User
  5. Activate External User

To create an external user in your R19 Sandbox, under the Admin Menu > click External User Administration > Create/ Manage Online Banking Access > Create External User

    • In the new screen, type the following:
    • External User Creation (RETAIL5): type a name that the customer will use to login
    • Channel is defaulted with specific value (INTERNET – to be used for access to Internet banking; TCMOBILE to be used for access to Mobile banking)
    • Arrangement (AA181078RQL3): the generated value while creating an Internet Service Arrangement
    • Start Date (29 MAY 2019): use calendar and choose today’s date
    • End Date (31 DEC 2019): use calendar and choose user’s availability date
    • Authentication Type (External): make sure ‘External’ is checked
  • To authorise the created external user record (you must authorise the record before it will be live in the database):
    • Logout and login with a different user
    • Go to Admin Menu > External User Administration > Authorise Online Banking Access > Authorise Channel User and click on the authorise button
    • At this moment Record status appears as ‘INAU’ = unauthorised > Commit the record.