Create and authorize an Internet Service Arrangement

by in Guides September 9, 2019

An Internet Service Arrangement is an instance of a certain product that is linked to a specific customer. This arrangement is a personalized instance of a Internet Banking product that defines what the user gets to view when they access the system. When creating the arrangement, some default settings are included.

To create the Internet Service Arrangement:

  • Go to User Menu > Product Catalog
  • From Category list (under Product Groups) select > Online Services > Retail Online Services > Retail Internet Banking, which will create a new arrangement:
  • A new window is displayed > Insert the** Customer Id** (for the client you want to provide Internet access) and click Validate button > An internet service arrangement is created with default settings
    • Note down the arrangement Id

To authorise the Internet Service Arrangement (you must authorise the record before it can be live in the database):

  • Log in with the second user id you received in your Welcome email
  • In the command line type ARRANGEMENT.ACTIVITY A AAACT1810700G80F78 (AA.ARRANGEMENT.ACTIVITY A + the arrangement id)
  • Press enter and then authorize the transaction (double tick button)
  • Transaction is complete.