PSD2 Account Aggregation

by in Guides September 9, 2019

Consent Controlled Account Aggregation

How can I enable 3rd party AISPs to service customers of my institution with account information, balances, and history while meeting PSD2 open banking standards? Temenos provides a set of Experience APIs (APIs that are not changed by the customer) to enable compliance with PSD2 regulations and guidelines. The APIs and process are explained here.

Core Functions:

Account Balances

Show account information from multiple account types and institutions in a single AISP app or web page.

Transaction History

Provide my account history and transactions list from my accounts in a single AISP app or web page.

General Account Info

See my accounts from my institution(s) at a glance all in a single view within my AISP app or web page.

APIs Used:

PSD2 Account Provider

The PSD2 Account Provider API has multiple endpoints for providing account information to a 3rd party.

In order to complete the AISP requirements, you will need to use all of the endpoints in the Account Provider API:

  • Account Status
  • Account Overview
  • Transaction History
  • Account Balance

AISP Process Flow