Experience APIs

Our first release of experience APIs focuses on supporting our customers and partners in working with the Open Banking initiative for compliance with PSD2 standards. These APIs are available to anyone without a login as they are published to an external standard and we want everyone to be able to adhere to these new guidelines for improving the banking experience.

Registered members of the Developer Community have access to our comprehensive Enterprise API documentation, which includes a much larger range of integration opportunities beyond the basic PSD2 functionality.

PSD2 Funds Transfer

Our PSD2 Funds Transfer API follows the Open banking specification and allows you to report on and initiate funds transfers between accounts. Click to read the API specification documentation.

PSD2 Accounts

Our PSD2 Accounts information API will allow you to report on the balance and disposition of accounts as well as basic owner and beneficiary information. Click to read the API specification documentation.

PSD2 Payments API

Our PSD2 Payments API will allow you to initiate a payment from one entity to another, as well as reporting on payments in progress. Click here to read the API specification documentation.

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