Reading API documentation is important, and it often brings out things you never knew you could do. We also understand that a lot of people want more than just fields and forms. They want to understand how an API ecosystem and the building blocks that Temenos provides can help them solve real-world problems they face every day.

Our use case library is designed for that very situation. It contains a variety of example projects that will help you understand and use the API ecosystem for Temenos Infinity and Transact in your own projects. Can’t find what you are looking for? Get in touch

PSD2 Account Aggregation

Consent Controlled Account Aggregation How can I enable 3rd party AISPs to service customers of my institution with account information, balances, and history while meeting

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Import Retail package in UXP

Please download from your MyApps section the Temenos UXP Retail Developer Package Unzip the package, unzip the file and then copy the TCIB

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Implementing Save/Resume

The ability to have forms completed non-linearly is critical for effective customer onboarding. This video will walk you through implementing save/resume capability for your own

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