Fund Admin – Retrieving a customer portfolio

by in Guides August 14, 2019

T24 supports three types of portfolio:

•    Banks Own Position Portfolios
•    Customer Portfolios
•    Memo Account Portfolios

A Customer Portfolio is a portfolio belonging to a customer of the Bank that may be managed by the Bank on the customer’s behalf. To quickly pull a customer Portfolio, Portfolio, make a GET request using your preferred client to the Holdings Portfolios API including the Customer’s PortfolioID.

Calling the Holdings Portfolio API
Using Postman to retrieve customer portfolio data via the Holdings Portfolio API

Once you return the .json from the Holdings/Portfolio request, you will be able to view all Customer Holdings.

 As you can see below, our client, Robert Branson, has multiple assets in his Portfolio.To make use of the data, you’ll need to parse some key fields into your app or web-page. 

“instrumentName” is the name of the asset in the Portfolio

“priceCurrency” refers to the currency used to purchase the asset. 

“position” refers to the amount of the asset owned

“valueInReferenceCurrency” lists the total value of the investment

In a situation like this, with multiple assets in a Portfolio, you will need to craft some code that makes use of a loop. We would recommend that you make use of a JSON library (of which there are many), which will not only process the data returned from your API call but also output it into a human-readable format. 

In the code samples below, you will see examples of Python and Java code which make use of helper libraries, to display the JSON return. Use these samples as a starting point for integrating the API call into your app/web-page.



Replace the API keys in the above code samples with your own and when ready, you can download the samples from the Temenos Labs GitHub repo for use in your own project. 

If you are a Discover member and want to make your first API call, why not click here to upgrade and get a free API key?