Temenos SCALE 2020 - The First Annual Temenos Developer Conference

Temenos SCALE 2020 is our first ever developer conference held adjacent to our annual Temenos Community Forum (TCF) event. 

Don’t be fooled by this simple initial web page! Temenos SCALE is a separate conference with a huge and exciting new mission: To bring our development community a sense of what’s beyond their code and applications, and what they can achieve with the right tools.

Going way beyond product and platform announcements, the Temenos SCALE conference is for technologists, architects, and developers who want to go deeper, work with and learn about the technology from the experts, and expand their skills to the ecosystem of technology around our industry.

From this humble beginning, the Temenos SCALE landing page will grow as we build out all the various content tracks, labs, sessions, finalize the industry-leading tech partners that will be speaking with us, and build out this massive event to bring to our community. Our schedule is expansive, and includes opportunities to work with and learn from experts not only at Temenos, but in the larger developer ecosystem.

Our first ever developer event also includes our exciting Sprint 1 challenge which we will be announcing in the coming weeks that will be a focused challenge for teams to compete for the best and most innovative ideas at solving challenges beyond financial services.

There is so much to bring you for this event and we will be updating this spot continually so check back often for new information and for your chance to register and attend. See you in Madrid!

Where: Madrid, Spain at the Marriott Madrid

When: April 27th to the 29th, 2020

Registration is expected to open at the end of November with discounted pricing for early registrations. The full session schedules will be posted and signups for individual sessions will go live prior to the event. There will be several space-limited sessions so check back often to stay up to date on when the schedule goes live.

Registration for Sprint 1 teams and individuals will also open after the first of the year and will have full details of the challenge and the rewards!