Innovation Thinkspace Workshop 2019

This exciting event combines the unique power of Design Thinking, and the extensibility of the Temenos API ecosystem and Google Cloud Platforms to create an event that brings together Line of Business stakeholders, developers, and technical practitioners for the experience of bringing an idea to life. 

We’re bringing together users of the product (SMEs), banks serving their needs (business people and technologists), and technology to reinvent business banking. As a developer you will have the opportunity to work 1:1 with Temenos, Google, and Aspire Systems experts, hands on with all of our technologies, to create innovative solutions.

This exciting event is invitation only and not open to the general public. If you are interested in attending, you can request more information and a chance to be invited.

Day 1 – October 16th

During the day we kick off with an inspirational and meaningful look at the market from an expert speaker. We then get delegates straight into action designing and ideating with their teams to come up with a sketch of what their design will look like.

Day 2 – October 17th

Business track: Our Line of Business and Practitioners can carry on in our workshops focused on examining the opportunity – learn from our experts about new business models used by innovative companies. Explore the business case, value proposition and go to market strategy for your prototype.

Tech track: The Build Jam begins as the teams take the ideas they came up with and work through integrating the different technologies, building collectively and bringing day 1’s idea closer to prototype status.