Using the Sandbox

Congratulations on becoming a full member of the Temenos Developer Community! You now have access to our shared sandbox resources in order to build and test your own applications and integrations with Temenos products.

Some important notes about your sandbox

As a full member of the Temenos Developer Community, you now have access to our full suite of APIs via our shared development sandbox. This will allow you to build your own applications and integrations and perform API calls as in a live environment, in order to prototype and validate your code in your own development environment. The data in the sandbox is provided by our Model Bank and includes relevant data for each of the API calls.

This Service is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis and Temenos shall be under no obligation to ensure any particular availability levels or to provide support and/or assistance. This Service is provided for evaluation purposes of Temenos software only, excluding any form of production use, and is not managed by Temenos for the handling of confidential data or personal data. Please do not submit or input any confidential information or personal data when using this Service. Temenos will require that you immediately remove any personal data that is submitted to Temenos when using this Service.

Using the shared sandbox

  • The shared sandbox does have some restrictions due to the need to provide consistency for all users. Chief among them is that that it is a read only instance, meaning that UPDATE/PUT/DELETE will commit to the database, but there is no reconciliation process running to provide clearinghouse activity. This means that things like transfers and payments will not show as processed. It may also mean that the sandbox can be refreshed at any time and data can be lost.
  • In order to connect to the shared API instances, you will need to modify the API endpoint shown in the API documentation. The endpoint in the documentation is all referred to as localhost or the mock API server for our documentation as you can see here: 
  • You will need to replace the Base URL seen above with:
  • In order for your code to work correctly, you will also need to add the API key that you received in your confirmation email from [email protected] A fully formed request for the shared sandbox should look something like this (Example is the same PSD2 API call as above via Python from one of our examples):
url = '' + account_number
headers = {'Accept': 'application/json', 'apikey': 'API_KEY_FROM_YOUR_EMAIL'}
  • This endpoint is for the R19 release of Transact. As new releases are published we will update the documentation for their endpoint(s) and publish the information on the site for members to access.
  • The APIs are rate limited so that it is not possible to make more than 150 API calls per hour. This is done to prevent DoS style API spam attacks, and to ensure the resources are available for all users.
  •  If you spot any issues with or have any questions about the APIs in use on the sandbox, please direct them to us via Base Camp