Temenos Developers Membership – Which one is right for me?

by in Blog Post, Uncategorized July 18, 2019

This is a question we hear fairly often on the Slack and at the watercooler. What type of membership do I need? so we thought we’d break it down for you.  From the information below you’ll be able to pick the Membership Tier that’s right for you and find out a little bit more about our story.

Where did it all start? 

The original Temenos Developer Community was built to support the Temenos MarketPlace program which launched in 2016, offering shared web-based access to an R16 Sandbox. Working closely with our MarketPlace providers gave us a great insight into what a Fintech might need from us and helped us to refine what we offer to our community.

In 2018 we re-launched the Developer Community, exposing the first series of public APIs via an interactive API Gateway (see ‘Developer Community 2.0 – where we are and where we are going.‘ for more on this), which we further-expanded on 12 months later with a bigger API Catalogue and team to help deliver more events, content and build the community of members.  So how can you join us on our journey?  Let’s take a look at our membership levels.

What’s the difference between the three levels of Membership?  

DISCOVER membership is perfect for entry-level Developers or those curious about API Documentation. If you are starting to ideate around a potential integration, thinking about a closer working relationship with Temenos or want to keep up with our Developer Community, this level is for you. If you decide that you are ready to move on to BUILD Membership, upgrading can be done here.  

BUILD membership is given on approval only and offers access to the DISCOVER level API Documentation, plus your own API Key to call the public REST APIs in our R19 Developer Sandbox, free of charge. BUILD membership is perfect for advanced prototyping/testing of your applications and services. If you want to engage with our APIs in your own project, you’ll need a BUILD Membership.  

EXTEND membership is for enterprise-level partnerships and beyond, offering a dedicated sandbox to invoke your own REST APIs created with our design tools. If your organization needs an online banking sandbox to test, build and deploy APIs of your own, you’ll need an EXTEND Membership (it’s the only membership level that attracts fees). For more information on this, please email us via the link in the footer of the page. 

Whether you pick a DISCOVER, BUILD, or EXTEND Membership, we look forward to meeting you and helping you to engage with the Temenos Developer Community at our next event!