Developer Community 2.0 – where we are and where we are going.

by in Blog Post July 15, 2019

Developer Relations, Developer Evangelism, DevRel, Developer Advocate. Communities of developers take a variety of forms and formats depending on the company, but they should all follow one golden rule: put developers first. Temenos is no exception to the rule, and we are working hard to rebuild a community that supports our developers, and reaches a broader developer audience, to give developers what they need.

Documentation is King

Developers come to a community with one thing first in their minds. “How do I use this company’s stuff?” Great programs for developers know this, and build documentation that answers that question quickly. This is probably the single most important area of focus as we work on redeveloping the Temenos community. Our documentation needs to be approachable for anyone to use, not just a hard-core Temenos developer. Good samples, code snippets, explanations, and use cases that illustrate HOW and WHY to use an API are just as important as telling a developer WHAT a field does.

We are working to get our API documentation, Use Cases, and examples brought up to the standard that our community expects. This is not a trivial level of effort as it requires support from our product, engineering, and technical writing teams. These teams have to not only gather relevant use case information they need to get the documentation information built into our API process. This is a big task to say the least, and one that we are investing heavily in.

This is also the place we need to hear from our community about the most. We cannot support our community users if we don’t know what you need! If you are a community member you can share requests in the #feedback Slack Channel for community members. (If you aren’t, now’s a great time to sign up! Go ahead – I’ll wait here)

Content, Content, Content

Just documentation isn’t enough either. The best documentation in the world doesn’t drive a community to support and participate with each other. Knowing that we are also making a huge investment in developing content (like this). We want to give our community members a reason to come back and gain more information that is useful and supportive for what they want to achieve.

We are collecting relevant content from all over the company, and every group, to make sure that we get good information out to our community. We are also building up to our community champions program, and engaging you, our community members, in helping develop the content. You will see us rolling out a more comprehensive community element for our Developer Program in the coming weeks, building up to something very exciting for the community which leads us to:


Without direct, Face-to-Face interactions, a community really stays too flat. Recognizing this we are pushing hard to get events on the calendar for every region. We will have events throughout the fourth quarter of the year this year, and then build on them for an even more comprehensive calendar for next year.

We are also working to build a very exciting event in London working with our Design Thinkspace team. We are working to expand the design thinking workshop into a design and prototype event that brings together developers and business people to create. This takes design thinking beyond the “paper MVP” and really gives devs and the business the chance to work together to build something new.

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Where we go from here

Improvements all around. That’s our focus as we move into the second half of the year. We’ve largely stabilized the site and generally ironed out a lot of the bugs under the hood. To give you an idea of what we have done in just the few short months since announcements at TCF:

  • We migrated off of Apigee for the Dev portal and created the site you are reading now, using WordPress and a more dynamic look and feel for a better experience. This was not a small undertaking and resulted in many panicked calls with Ben and myself!
  •  We added over 700 API endpoints to the documentation format so that we are now using the Swagger native format. This is an improvement, but frankly it is far from where we want to go and we are pushing to make even more changes in our presentation and quality of documentation.
  • We built out our membership tiers and created a community that is open to anyone, and provides enough for anyone to join and contribute (even our competition. Oh yes, we see you in here.)
We are of course not done, and this list doesn’t even begin to tell the full story of the work involved in recreating a developer community from scratch. A short list of things we are building out would include:
  • a full revamp of our documentation presentation layer off of swagger native
  • A greatly expanded use case library for guiding our community through a variety of processes
  • The completion of our expansion and revamp of our top-tier membership and partner integration programs
  • The launch of our Code Clinics and virtual events as well as our face-to-face events for Q4
  • A more comprehensive library of useful content and guides for community members.
We are “building the plane as we fly” in some respects, and that in itself creates challenges. We hope you will help us by giving feedback, asking questions, and sharing your needs and wants with us. Sign up for the community and you can drop a comment in #feedback in Slack, or drop any of us a line at [email protected]