Innovation in Action

by in Blog Post December 6, 2019

One of the things I enjoy about my role is meeting and working with clients, partners and our own Temenos people to figure out how we can come up with solutions to challenges faced by banking customers and the banks themselves. Lately, I’ve been on the road, working on smaller developer sessions with clients in […]

MissionPossible Innovation Hackathon

by in Blog Post November 14, 2019

Recently the Temenos Developers team helped deliver an Innovation hackathon for our Product Engineers based in India. We knew once the idea started to become viral, it would take off, and as the registration numbers began to climb, the event became a runaway success. Temenos Developers worked hand-in-hand with Internal Comms, Human Resources and the […]

Welcome Avoka Developers

by in Blog Post September 5, 2019

Temenos Developer Community welcomes Avoka Developers! On the 21st of December, 2018 Temenos announced that the acquisition of Avoka, a leader in digital customer acquisition and on-boarding, had closed. I have been working in the background since then with the Temenos Developer Community team to get ready for this day among many other projects. We […]

We want to hear from you!

by in Blog Post August 5, 2019

Community building is a slow process, and one of the most important parts of that process is feedback from our members. We are collecting some of that feedback in the form of a VERY short survey about our current developer experience. We ask only that you take a moment and fill out the survey about […]

APIs and building an Ecosystem

by in Blog Post July 24, 2019

The power of an ecosystem A few years ago, most financial institutions were wondering how to deal with the rise of technology companies, which thrived on the back of the digitization of the entire sector. Fintechs used to be perceived as a threat to banks’ business models, offering innovative solutions for select parts of the […]