Welcome Avoka Developers

by in Blog Post September 5, 2019

Temenos Developer Community welcomes Avoka Developers!

On the 21st of December, 2018 Temenos announced that the acquisition of Avoka, a leader in digital customer acquisition and on-boarding, had closed. I have been working in the background since then with the Temenos Developer Community team to get ready for this day among many other projects. We are very pleased to announce the migration of developer.avoka.com to the Temenos Developer Community at developer.temenos.com.

We do recommend that you take a moment to sign up for the Temenos developer community, as there will be no further updates to the Avoka dev portal. This will let you set your communications options, and keep up to date on future releases and product announcements. Open UX and all of Journey Manager are now part of the Temenos Infinity family of products, and you will be seeing a lot of exciting new developments relating to them in the coming months.

So what does this mean for Developers working on customer journey orchestration? Well, the good news is that nothing under the hood has changed – if you have forms in progress they are all in place, your credentials are all the same as when you signed up to developer.avoka.com, and this won’t be changing for the foreseeable future. You can still access the OpenUX documentation for Journey Manager at its current location (in fact it will not have changed at all – we are going to update it in the next release)

Questions, comments, concerns, looking for help? Active Temenos Community Members also have access to Slack to comment or ask questions of our SMEs for issues. Or you can email us at [email protected]