API Data Directory

Temenos Developers can engage with the current Temenos Developer Sandbox via their favourite IDE or REST Client, but may not always know what to add to the API request to get the expected result. In this list, we offer some simple parameters that can be used to get API results quickly.

💡Top Tip: Always replace the curly brackets “{” & “}” with the data you are sending the API. E.g. party/beneficiaries/{beneficiaryId} should read party/beneficiaries/BEN9415700009

{customerId's} {accountId's}
100100 20737
190090 21261
100282 84538
100404 10995
190088 78026
{arrangementId's} {directdebitId's}
AA18080LS3LQ 65757.1
AA180800BNSP 74276.1
AA180801P85F 74276.2
{paymentOrderId's} {paymentId's}
MM1808000002 FT19094M7Y6V
SW1809571520 FT191073Q2D9
SW1808693342 FT19107KLKV1

In part two, we will cover some slightly more complicated requests. In the meantime, if you are missing your API Key click here to get help.

You should be able to use these parameters with your API Key and the associated API from the catalogue on the live sandbox right away.

As always, if we’ve missed anything get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!