APIs for what you want, built how you want​
The Temenos API Ecosystem is made up of 3 types of APIs, each one with a specific place in the overall architecture. Our goal is to have all functions of the Temenos software accessible and manageable via API and to do that we also need to offer customers and partners choice and control over how and what APIs do for them. A great API is only great if it solves an issue that needs solving. That's why our API ecosystem is extensible, and can be modified to fit the unique demands of any financial institution. Click on the headers below to browse our API offerings.

Experience APIs are built to spec, and fit a specific set of needs for either external guidelines and frameworks, or integrations with external solutions. An experience API cannot be changed, but this is its power – it provides a consistent and reliable method for interacting with the software under the API, meaning the experience is always the same.

The Experience API catalog is open to anyone, because it is central to providing an open system. Temenos believes firmly that friction-free innovation is not just a good idea, it is the way that all software should be.​

Enterprise APIs are a framework of APIs. They can be used, as is, directly “out of the box”, or they can be customized using the Temenos API Workbench in order to fit more specific requirements. This power is immense and gives our platform users the ability to literally create an entirely unique and innovative experience for their own differentiation.

The Enterprise API catalog is visible to Temenos Developer Community Members with the “DISCOVER” or higher membership. We are updating and streamlining our framework APIs and documentation constantly and add new APIs with each release.

The Temenos L3 Java APIs take the ability of the platform to the next level, effectively allowing you not just to customize the API’s themselves, but to actually manage the underlying fabric of the platform. These APIs are incredibly powerful, and as such should be used only with extreme caution. With great power, comes great responsibility.

The L3 APIs are currently only available via request from active customers and partners. You may email the developer team in order to initiate this request, as we work on publishing them in a secure manner. They are currently in a self-installable Javadocs format, and will need to be downloaded locally to be viewed.