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Temenos offers cloud-native, cloud-agnostic, API-first digital banking, core banking, payments, fund management, and wealth management software solutions. Our APIs show you how our solutions work with each other, helping developers, fintechs and decision-makers take their next step with Temenos.

Sandbox APIs
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Discover Transact, the world's most successful core-banking solution. Used by over 1,000 banks in 150+ countries.

Financial Crime Mitigation

Our award-winning Financial Crime Mitigation (FCM) solution is underpinned by an API-first architecture.


Our next generation payments solutions for accelerated business growth and service innovations.


Enables banks to deliver applications as fast-running services.

Documented APIs

The real-time data platform from Transact.

Fund Administration

The global platform for asset managers and fund administrators.

Wealth FO(TAPS)

Portfolio management solutions from Temenos Wealth.

Temenos Banking Cloud

Discover how Temenos APIs help Temenos Banking Cloud deliver the world's favorite banking service. Powered by an explainable AI engine, Temenos Banking Cloud is instantly available to all banks through a self-service portal.

Release Cycle

Temenos builds, deploys, and commits software daily, which it accumulates and publishes as part of its regular release cycle. Updates are committed to the monthly build, which combines to form the Annual Maintenance Release (AMR) published in April of each year.

Format: RYY.MM Examples: R21.04 R21.06 R21.07

The current developer sandbox version is: R21.10

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